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Sea Kayaking in Alaska Wilderness

Alaskan sea kayaking will allow you to form your adventure and escape from your daily worries. Alaska marries ideally learning and adventure so you may explore and admire the beautiful wilderness that surrounds you.

Alaska provides a range of several kayaking forms such as rapid navigation and paddling. You may also go fishing, camping, and hiking or even approach the sea animals like seals, otters, turtles, etc.

Most kayak tours are relaxed and move through a recreational pace. This will make your trip as pleasant and relaxing as possible, giving you plenty of time to admire the nature around you.

In Alaskan nature, there is always something new to explore, which makes sea kayaking a quite thrilling activity. There are many occasions where you’ll come across something really special and unexpected. For instance, you may see dolphins swimming and popping out of the water or seals playing at a rest stop. These are great photo and video-capturing moments.

Perhaps the most vital thing to remember when arranging your next kayaking adventure is to hire an expert kayaker and tour guide from Kayaking Temple that knows the area and its waters while respecting the natural surroundings. Thus, make sure that your teacher and guide follow environmental-friendly practices.

Once you start the session, you’ll be able to do kayaking and find out more about the mesmerizing Alaskan nature–its landscape, animals, and plants. By exploring the Alaskan wilderness directly, you’ll respect more what it has to offer you and how to keep it safe for future generations.

When you hire a kayaking tour guide, you should ensure that they have and take all the necessary measures for your safety. Their commitment to your safety should always be apparent in everything they do. They should have finished successfully all their safety training and first-aid lessons in case of an emergency. They should also have a satellite phone device or something that allows them to easily call someone when the signal is out of reach since you’ll be navigating through remote areas.

Regardless of how long your trip will be–1 day or even one week, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself. For instance, you may go on a trip to Kenai Fjords Natural Park, which is a favorite spot among fans of the sport as it offers one of the most extensive and exciting adventures in Alaska. Or perhaps, you could go for a backcountry experience that allows you to escape from your daily worries and immense yourself to a one-of-a-kind experience.

Reviewing The Best Kayak Helmets

When looking for a suitable kayak helmet, there are several things to consider, such as the type of kayak you plan to kayak and the level of protection you want.

In various sports, helmets may be essential safety equipment, as is kayaking.

However, we know how important it is to find the right style, which is why we have compiled a guide to help you choose the right style with the right features.

Top 9 Helmets for Kayaking

1. Shiznit Kayak Helmet by Predator

This Shiznit Kayak Helmet by Predator is a half-cut helmet and maybe a good choice for paddling in the sun because its sun visor can help block the bright sunlight and let you see where the paddling is. Depending on your preference, the sun visor can be worn on the front or back.

It has a Ravlek thermoplastic durable shell that is all about protection and is lined with closed-cell EVA foam to minimize the impact.

The rear of the helmet can be easily adjusted using the Croc-Lok adjuster system. The adjustable chin strap has a buckle and is firmly fixed to the helmet with stainless steel rivets.
It may be an ideal choice for recreational watering where you should not spend too much time underwater because you may find that it has fewer ventilation holes than some special white water helmets, so the drainage speed may not be so fast.

2. Current Helmet by WRSI

The WRSI Current Helmet is specially designed for whitewater kayaking. It has an ABS plastic shell, an EVA foam lining, and a polyurethane diving shell designed to disperse the impact.
The helmet has an interconnected retention system that automatically adjusts to keep it on your head even if water pressure forces the helmet to close. That means this may be a good choice if you plan to sprint or rollover.

It benefits from the O-Brace system, which can be adjusted at the back of your head to provide a firmer fit and prevent the helmet from slipping. It also has drainage holes and is available in color and size.

3. Fullface Rocker Paddle Helmet by Sweet Protection

The Rocker helmet by Sweet Protection is a full-face helmet, ideal for paddling in more extreme conditions where it may tip over or hit a rock.

It has a jaw guard and shatterproof sun visor, which can provide extra protection for your face in the event of an impact. The housing is made of injection molded thermoplastic and carbon fiber, and ABS plastic to improve durability.

It also has a durable EPP foam lining and a moisture-wicking and comfortable foam layer, and there are vents on the top for drainage and ventilation. Besides, there are small holes in the ears that allow you to hear the sounds around you.

The helmet can be fixed with a chin strap and can be adjusted via the Occigrip adjustment system on the back.

4. Chaos Side Cut Helmet by NRS

The Chaos helmet by NRS is a side-cut helmet specially designed for various water sports and available in various colors. It has a sturdy ABS plastic shell and dual-density EVA foam lining, which can help provide additional comfort and shock absorption, and impact protection.
There are eight ventilation holes on the helmet, and if you overturn and provide breathability in summer, you can quickly drain the water.

The chin strap can be easily adjusted and fixed in place with a buckle. You can also use the dial on the back of the helmet to customize your head. This may be a good choice for whitewater kayaking or paddleboard surfing.

5. Super Scrappy Helmet by Shred Ready

The Super Scrappy helmet by Shred Ready may be ideal for a range of water activities such as recreational paddling or kayaking, but it is also great for use on rapids.

It has bright colors and has interchangeable fixing pads that allow you to get the correct size because the actual helmet is considered the most suitable size. The chin strap is adjustable, and you can also use the adjuster system on the back of the helmet to modify its fit.

It has a small sun visor on the front and benefits from a multi-impact foam lining, which, as suggested, can withstand multiple shocks and still provide protection. It also uses stainless steel rivet construction to improve durability and prevent water corrosion.
If you like to remove the sun visor from your face, you can also wear this Super Scrappy helmet backward.

6. Watts EPS Summer Helmet by Bern Unlimited

The Watts helmet has a multifunctional design that can be used in various conditions, including snow. Still, it is light in weight and breathable enough to cope with summer or warm weather.

It is made of Thin shell ABS shell and EPS foam lining, which provides durability, impact distribution, and shock absorption. The helmet design is inspired by baseball caps and provides you with a small sun visor that can be used for summer paddling.

It has an adjustable chin strap and a dial on the back to fine-tune the overall-wearing of the helmet. The helmet also has drainage holes to help you stay cool in warm weather.

7. Comfy Practical Water Sports Helmet by Tontron

The design of the Tontron helmet is more like a full kayak helmet but with removable ear pads to increase versatility and personal preference.

The helmet comes in various colors, including bright colors, for greater visibility on the water. It has a durable ABS shell that provides impact protection and benefits from a shock-absorbing EVA foam lining, which dries quickly to provide comfort.

There are 11 ventilation holes on the helmet, and if you happen to roll or fall to the surface of the water, you can quickly drain the water. It also has a convenient dial on the back, where you can adjust the helmet’s fit with one hand, and has a strap system to prevent the helmet from falling due to water pressure.

8. Water Halo Helmet by Triple Eight

The triple eight halo helmet is a half-cut helmet designed for various water sports, including kayaking and water skiing. Its design looks similar to a skateboard helmet but has the added advantage of being waterproof.

It has an EVA foam lining and top crown inside the shock-absorbing ABS shell and an adjustable chin strap with a four-point connection system. It also benefits from a moisture-wicking foam lining with a soft fabric, easily removed for washing.

There are ventilation holes on the top, back, and front of the helmet. If you are submerged in water, you can drain water quickly. It also has a variety of sizes and colors to achieve personalized style and fit.

9. Wanderer Paddle Helmet by Sweet Protection

This Wanderer helmet by Sweet Protection is a specially designed half-cut helmet made for whitewater kayaking in up to class 4 rapids. But, it is also very suitable for general paddling sports.

It has a carbon fiber reinforced ABS thermoplastic shell to help disperse impact. Below the shell is a shock-absorbing EPP foam lining, as well as a moisture-wicking lining that allows your head to fit comfortably.

It has various colors to choose from, but most of them are not particularly highly visible colors. It has a chin strap with buckle closure and an Occigrip adjustment system on the back, so you can adjust it anytime, anywhere.

There is also a drainage hole on the top of the helmet, which can discharge water and empty air. If you stay in the water for a while, it should make you feel more comfortable.


The best kayak helmets are usually suitable for your rowing activities and can be safely and comfortably worn on your head. A good helmet can help protect you from serious head injuries and may save your life, which means finding the right helmet is important.
Although the helmet can help protect your brain, head, and face from injury, it can also help rescuers find you faster if you make sure that you can see the helmet at a high level when you are ready to paddle.

Therefore, when narrowing down the options, please keep in mind the activities and possible risks when kayaking because this can help you choose the correct helmet type or style. You should also ensure that the helmet you choose is suitable or manufactured for the particular paddling event.

The 5 Best Holiday Gifts For Kayakers

The hunt for great holiday gifts isn’t hard if you consider a person’s likes and hobbies. If you are getting a gift for a kayaking person already, here are some gifting ideas.

Holiday Kayaking Gifts

Kayaking is a physical activity that requires some basic pieces of equipment. It goes beyond a mere kayak and paddle and so you’ll have plenty of gift accessories to choose from.

No.1: Drip rings.

These are placed on each paddle end and keep the water from flowing back and reaching one’s hands. While these may appear weird considering that you are lying in the water already, it’s quite frustrating to constantly have water coming up your hands. Drip rings will prevent this from happening. They are also very affordable. We suggest Aqua-Bound products as they are great.

No.2: Alaskan Sea Kayaking Tours.

If you are on the hunt for a ticket gift, giving an Alaskan sea kayaking tour gift is certainly a great idea. There are several providers in Alaska that specialize in local sea kayaking trips. There is nothing that can be compared to the feeling of padding up to an icy river. This natural beauty will certainly mesmerize you. The ticket fees vary depending on the length of the trip and extras, however, most charges are for traveling to Alaska. Google “Alaska kayaking” and you’ll find these companies.

No.3: Back Bands.

Lying in a kayak boat for several hours is not comfortable for the lower back. Backbends may be used in this case to fit into the seating area and support the lower back spots, similarly to car seats. Back bands are essential for lengthy trips. A solid quality back band will cost on average $30-40. Check out Ocean Kayak and SealLine products.

No.4: Underdeck bags.

Underdeck bags function as a little glover layer for your kayak boat. They are water-resistant and they are mounted to the roof of the internal space on kayaks and work like a glover layer in a vehicle. These bags make storage of car keys, maps, and other accessories a piece of cake. If you are looking for some great quality underdeck bags, check out North Water’s bags who are typically sold for $40 each.

No.5: Nomad Paddling Sports Journals.

These sports journals are water-resistant writing journals that allow the kayaker to take notes during their kayaking sessions–these could be paths followed, impressions, random things experienced, etc. You may find some good journals for just $8.99.

Whether you are flowing through the rapids of a fast river or cruising the beautiful ocean, kayaking is certainly worth trying out. If you are looking for great gift ideas for a kayaking fan, the above are good ideas to explore.

A Fundamental Analysis of Kayaking Features

Kayaking is a sport that’s becoming increasingly popular. There are many sub-categories of kayaking, which we are about to mention in this report.

A fundamental overview of Kayaks and Kayaking

Essentially, kayaking is simply a technique of propelling yourself through water by using your force. A paddle, which typically has two curved portions on every side to enable back and forth movement is used to achieve this. However, this broad definition does not cover all the different kayaking types and their characteristics. Let’s now examine all these types.

Kayak originally refers to a hunting boat, as the first kayak boats were used throughout history by folks living on the sea or riversides for fishing and hunting. The native people of the Arctic zone are considered to be the first kayakers. Back then, they used wooden lining shielded by animal skins.

Nowadays though, kayaking refers to a visibly wider gamut of physical activities, even though the basic kayak boat hasn’t changed much through the years.

Kayak boats are lengthy, thin, and usually fit one person. They are available in several forms and models, which are mainly designed for a specific kayaking style. Seawater kayaks are thin and long to glide more easily through the water. Riverside kayaks, on the other hand, are made for tougher water rapids and are more maneuverable and easier to flip around in case they turn upside down.

While all kayak types are made to fit a single person, a special grade enables one to sit on a flat line over the top space of a kayak. This kayak form is usually for calm water bodies e.g lakes.

As these models imply, kayaking comes in plenty of types. Some folks like to use them on a sea cruise around a coast in the arctic ocean while others love to work the boat through rough rivers and will even travel from one continent to another to do so.

Kayaking can be a massive adrenaline inducer or a chilling activity to explore the wilderness. The choice is yours–just get it and head to where your mind tells you.

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We are fully redoing our website. You can look forward to a brand new blog about everything kayaking and watersports. We’ll review the latest equipment and yaks and share our best insights and tips on how you can enjoy your favorite hobby even more. We have over ten years of kayaking experience and we’ve even competed in kayaking races in the past. Being a professional kayaker means being well trained and super fit. You need to have explosive power in your arm and back musculature. However you also need stamina and good aerobic fitness. Besides maintaining health and fitness during competition the equipment and gear you use has a major impact too. Having the right kayak in combination with the proper paddle and clothes is vital. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know. Stay tuned!