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The hunt for great holiday gifts isn’t hard if you consider a person’s likes and hobbies. If you are getting a gift for a kayaking person already, here are some gifting ideas.

Holiday Kayaking Gifts

Kayaking is a physical activity that requires some basic pieces of equipment. It goes beyond a mere kayak and paddle and so you’ll have plenty of gift accessories to choose from.

No.1: Drip rings.

These are placed on each paddle end and keep the water from flowing back and reaching one’s hands. While these may appear weird considering that you are lying in the water already, it’s quite frustrating to constantly have water coming up your hands. Drip rings will prevent this from happening. They are also very affordable. We suggest Aqua-Bound products as they are great.

No.2: Alaskan Sea Kayaking Tours.

If you are on the hunt for a ticket gift, giving an Alaskan sea kayaking tour gift is certainly a great idea. There are several providers in Alaska that specialize in local sea kayaking trips. There is nothing that can be compared to the feeling of padding up to an icy river. This natural beauty will certainly mesmerize you. The ticket fees vary depending on the length of the trip and extras, however, most charges are for traveling to Alaska. Google “Alaska kayaking” and you’ll find these companies.

No.3: Back Bands.

Lying in a kayak boat for several hours is not comfortable for the lower back. Backbends may be used in this case to fit into the seating area and support the lower back spots, similarly to car seats. Back bands are essential for lengthy trips. A solid quality back band will cost on average $30-40. Check out Ocean Kayak and SealLine products.

No.4: Underdeck bags.

Underdeck bags function as a little glover layer for your kayak boat. They are water-resistant and they are mounted to the roof of the internal space on kayaks and work like a glover layer in a vehicle. These bags make storage of car keys, maps, and other accessories a piece of cake. If you are looking for some great quality underdeck bags, check out North Water’s bags who are typically sold for $40 each.

No.5: Nomad Paddling Sports Journals.

These sports journals are water-resistant writing journals that allow the kayaker to take notes during their kayaking sessions–these could be paths followed, impressions, random things experienced, etc. You may find some good journals for just $8.99.

Whether you are flowing through the rapids of a fast river or cruising the beautiful ocean, kayaking is certainly worth trying out. If you are looking for great gift ideas for a kayaking fan, the above are good ideas to explore.